Peace Officer Basic

The Peace Officer Basic is a 14 week, 598 hour course mandated through Wyoming State Statute.  Any peace officer hired in the State of Wyoming is required to attend this training within their first year of employment.  This course covers topics such as Wyoming Criminal Law and Constitutional Procedures, Ethical Considerations, professional skills such as Courtroom Testifying, Interpersonal Communications, Stress Management, Child Abuse Investigation, Sexual Assault Investigation, Crime Scene Management, Interview/Interrogation techniques, Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, Report Writing, Legal, Moral and Ethical Considerations of the Use of Force, physical control skills such as Custody Control, Emergency Vehicle Operations and the use of Firearms.  Also included are: Patrol Procedures, Vehicle Stops, Building Searches, Domestic Violence, Officer Survival and Interaction with the Mentally Ill.


Students are evaluated and tested continuously as they progress through the training. Each student must satisfy established minimum standards to receive their certificate of successful completion.  Specifically, each student must:

·         Pass each written examination with a passing score ranging from 70-80%

·         Fire a qualifying score on the Pistol Proficiency Course

·         Fire a qualifying score on the Patrol Rifle Proficiency Course

·         Pass a performance based proficiency test for Custody Control techniques

·         Perform in a satisfactory manner during:

·         Use of Force Practical

·         Emergency Vehicle Operation

·         Patrol Exercises