Distance Learning

Welcome to the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy’s Distance Learning.

We are excited to be providing cost effective, convenient, quality on-line training opportunities that are relevant to Wyoming’s Law Enforcement Community.

How to apply for WLEA distance learning:
You will need to fill out a WLEA distance learning application, SS-DL.  Once the application is completely filled out, you will need to email it to the academy.  As soon as your application has been approved, you will receive an email confirmation that includes your user name and password.

After you have received your user name and password, please use the below link to take the on-line course.


 WLEA Distance Learning Training Catalog:

Use of Force Update online- This course will cover the recent Supreme Court case Kingsley v Hendrickson, review Tennessee v Garner, review the 2015 Amnesty International reoprt, and review of Graham v Connor.  For more information or to apply, please click here.

Terrorism Indicators & Awareness for Communications – This a 4-hour on-line class that will for domestic terrorism & extremist groups, awareness understanding of  the definition & objectives of terrorism, and warning indicators of terrorist activity. For more information , please click here.

Search & Seizure Refresher Course –  This course is an 2-hour refresher  on-line course on search & seizure.  It will cover what is necessary to obtain & execute a search warrant, guidelines when conducting a search without a warrant and the background & evolution of the 4th amendment. For more information  please click here.

Rules of Evidence Refresher –  This is an 2-hour online course that will familiarize the law enforcement officer with the Wyoming Rules of Evidence.  For more information  please click here.

Laws of Arrest Refresher Course – This is an 2-hour on-line course that will cover the basic constitutional principles, statutory law, and case law development concerning when and how officers may stop citizens, search citizens in conjunction with a stop, and arrest citizen.   For more information  please click here.

Basic Law and the Constitution  Refresher Course –   This 2-hour on-line refresher course will acquaint the officer’s understanding of the foundational concepts upon which the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were developed, and an understanding of the Constitution and the Amendments to the Constitution in order to better understand the role of law enforcement governed by the Constitution.  For more information  please click here.

Investigative Detention  Refresher Course – This is an 1-hour online refresher course that will cover adequately handle investigative detention situations in an effective, acceptable, and safe manner. For more information  please click here.

Juvenile Law Refresher Course – This is an 3-hour online refresher course that will cover the procedures to be followed when taking a juvenile into custody & and identify the difference between the rights afforded to juveniles and those afforded to adults. For more information  please click here.

Below are other distance learning resources that are available:

International Association of Chiefs of Police

International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement (IADLEST)

Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC)