Basic Programs


Basic Training for Peace Officers, Detention Officers, Communications Officers, and Coroners is mandated by State Statute, and provided by the State of Wyoming through the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy (WLEA). Once an officer becomes employed with a Wyoming Law Enforcement Agency, they are then required to attend this basic training.  The WLEA also has a Pre-Service Program, which provides an avenue for those interested in a law enforcement career, to attend Basic training without being employed by a law enforcement agency.

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Start DateEnd DateTypeNameHoursApplication
04/10/201707/13/2017BasicPEACE OFFICER BASIC #17B14559502/24/2017
06/26/201706/30/2017BasicCORONERS BASIC #284305/11/2017
08/17/201711/21/2017BasicPEACE OFFICER BASIC #17C14659506/30/2017
09/05/201710/25/2017BasicDETENTION OFFICER BASIC #17C8829507/21/2017
11/27/201712/08/2017BasicPUBLIC SAFETY COMMUNICATIONS PERSONNEL BASIC #17B597910/13/2017