Special Programs


The Special Programs section of the Academy is responsible for the delivery of advanced training courses for peace officers, detention officers, and communications officers. Special Programs also directs and coordinates the use of the Academy facility by other public agencies and oversees theĀ  Wyoming Homeland Security Training program that the Academy operates in partnership with the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security.

Advanced Training Student Information Guide

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Start DateEnd DateTypeNameHoursApplication
10/05/201710/06/2017CampusCRIME SCENE MANAGEMENT1309/01/2017
10/16/201710/20/2017CampusPRACTICAL KINESIC INTERVIEW & INTERROGATION4009/15/2017
10/24/201710/25/2017CampusDOMESTIC VIOLENCE1209/22/2017
11/14/201711/16/2017Campus HybridBASIC TACTICAL MEDICAL INSTRUCTOR TRAINING PROGRAM2410/27/2017
11/27/201711/27/2017Campus HybridBOLT ACTION SNIPER RIFLE ARMORER COURSE811/9/2017
11/28/201711/29/2017Campus HybridAR15/M4/M16 RIFLE ARMORER COURSE1611/9/2017
11/30/201712/1/2017Campus HybridADVANCED AR15/M4/M16 RIFLE ARMORER COURSE1611/9/2017
12/04/201712/08/2017CampusGENERAL INSTRUCTOR DEVELOPMENT4011/03/2017
01/08/201801/12/2018CampusFIELD TRAINING OFFICER DEVELOPMENT4012/08/2017